Sunday, 26 June 2016

Away-Day haul

Sue and I have had another weekend away, this time a trip around the Cotswolds. We started out from Droitwich yesterday morning, then down the M5 and across to Cirencester. From there we drove down to Swindon via Lechlade where we spent the night. On Sunday morning it was a quick trip across to Swindon Village and then back north again via Lechlade on to Burford and then to Stow before making our way back to Worcestershire.

We had a great couple of days away and I took lots of photos of both buildings and stonework. Here you can see my model making haul. Rust coloured dusting powders, a Roman thimble (I thought I could use it as a cauldron), some not-Snakebite Leather acrylic paint, olde dice, drill bits and a scribbler.

Total spend less than £16.00.

I'll keep you informed of how I use them.


Saturday, 25 June 2016

Reap what you sow

I'll start by stating that this is not and never has been a politically motivated Blog, however it would be tough to ignore the recent Brexit result.

I have always believed that the UK is better in the European Union, however comments and presentations by both sides in the debate have had their merits and at times had me thinking of voting both In and Out. But mainly it has been a 'mud slinging' exercise with both sides attempting to undermine any so called facts that have been presented by the opponents rather than trying to offer alternative counter arguments or real reasons to either stay or go. I think it has been a 'low point' in British politics and the only good point to come from the campaigns is that there has at least been a reasonable turnout.

In the end my decision to remain was a decision taken with my heart rather than my head as the facts were in the main missing from the debate/debates.

On Thursday evening I went to bed with the commentators predicting a win for the stay campaign and woke to news that the UK had voted to leave, a decision that if anything has further divided the public. Even within this extended family there are those who have voted for an exit and those that have voted to stay.

My point is that David Cameron called the referendum in an attempt to satisfy his own party and the result has in fact done more to separate the country.

With the majority of votes cast being for an exit strategy, I, as a firm believer in democracy will state that this is the decision that the New UK government should take and it would be wrong to ignore the majority, however I can at least mourn the day that we (the UK) decided to leave the European Union.

On Friday, the schools opened, the motorways were still busy, I was able to access my bank account (and buy a bottle of Gin) and the lights came on, I have not felt like crying into my beer or shouting foul, but I am a little pessimistic about the future for my 18 month old Grandson now that this decision has been made.

Good luck.


Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Fathers Day 2016

A little late but much appreciated.

As well as chocolates, popcorn, sweets and a new poloshirt, I have received a W H Smiths voucher and this box of herbs.

I like to plant fresh herbs in the back garden (usually in pots rather in the ground) here we have mint (my favourite), Basil and Thyme all packed in a Hedges & Butler box. Many years ago I worked for Hedges & Butler as a salesman. It was H&B that prompted our move from South Wales to the Midlands, so the company and box has special meaning to me.

The real treat was having the day in the back garden with my Grandson - Finley.

Thank you for a great Fathers Day.


Monday, 20 June 2016

Gnome Farm Walls - part five

The bases or groundwork has been painted in my usual mix of Snakebite Leather highlighted with a Snakebite and white mix. I have tried to paint the snail shells in a slightly different colour with metallic effects to get them to stand out from the grey stone walls.

The groundwork has been 'washed' in the GW Sepia wash, while the walls have been 'washed' with various coloured washes to vary the grey.

Details of where to buy these Panzerfauste wall can be found here.


Saturday, 18 June 2016

The Art of Lone Wolf by Gary Chalk

Regular readers of this Blog will know that for many, many years I have been an admirer of the illustrator Gary Chalk. I have seen his artwork in Games Workshop publications, various games and the Redwall books. Sometime during 2015 I became aware of a new project; Lone Wolf - the board game, for details see this link. As part of the Kickstarter there were plans for an illustrated book of Gary Chalk artwork and I decided to support the project. Unfortunately there have been some issues with fulfilling all of the stretch goals and the book has not yet been produced (insider information suggests that it will now not be produced, which is a real pity).

Not to be put off I saw this separate book - The Art of Lone Wolf again by Gary and thought it was worth checking out. I got my book from the publisher.

The book is produced by Greywood Publishing and includes most if not all of the original artwork from the Lone Wolf series. The 203 pages are packed full of black and white illustration, some just simple footnotes or page fillers, others fully detailed battle scenes, all in all a great walk down memory lane for someone who collected and played these Fighting Fantasy gamebooks and the earlier Fantasy Warlords wargame rules.

There were many illustrations that were known to me, but also some that were new. I've enjoyed browsing the illustrations. There are even a few that have got my scratch-building juices flowing - you never know this maybe just the push I was looking for.

I would recommend the book as a great piece of reference work, thank you Greywood Publishing for taking the risk to produce such a niche book. However I would have liked a bit of history, some context, maybe even a comment by the great man himself.

The book is 234mm x 155mm wide, slightly larger than the original Lone Wolf books.

The Art of Lone Wolf by Gary Chalk
Published by Greywood Publishing in 2015 and reprinted in 2016
203 pages of black and white illustrations
ISBN 978 1 326 43796 1
RRP £19.99 ($30.00)

Available via the internet, but prices do vary.


Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Gnome Farm Walls - part four

The painting continues.....

I have used metallic gold acrylic paint to highlight the snail shells. I think it works.

The groundwork has been painted in my usual Snakebite Leather, highlighted with Snakebite and white with odd stones picked out in grey and highlighted with more white added to the mix.

The next step is to varnish the pieces and then add some scatter to the bases.


Monday, 13 June 2016

Gnome Farm Walls - part three

The painting continues.....

I've drybrushed some light grey and painted the snail shells brown. The painting shows up the sculpting, but there is still some work to do before I can think about painting the bases.