Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Mortar Set - part eight

Here you can see the last stages in the painting of the Mortar and base prior to varnishing.

The base has been painted in my usual Snakebite Leather, basecoat with Snakebite/Skull White drybrushed highlights and the details all painted with a long-handled Rosemary & Co No 3 Sable mix brush.

In the final image, you can see the mortar barrel glued in place and the single round shot, the one ready for loading also glued in place. I had thought about having this single shot dangling from some rope from the Gin, but in the end decided to place it on the ground - thinking this would be more secure.

I have given the whole piece another wash and now look forward to both varnishing and finishing-off the base.


Sunday, 24 July 2016

Dremel - RIP

This week my long-suffering Dremel gave up the ghost and stopped working. I've done the obvious like changing fuses and checking all the connections but nothing can breath life back into the old girl. I think it might be time to buy a new one.

RIP Dremel.


Friday, 22 July 2016

Mortar Set - part seven

I think it is obvious from the image that most of the painting so far has been layering lighter colours over darker ones and washes.

I choose a brass mortar with a green wooden base, while the Gin is painted to represent aged timber.

There is still a lot to do, but even with other commitments, I am managing to drag this particular model along and predict that it should be finished by the end of the month.


Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Mortar Set - part six

The model has been undercoated with a Black/Dark Brown watered-down mix.

Since the last post I have added a scratch-built pulley, made from varying sections of cheap knitting needles and florists wire  and some steps to one of the tripod legs. I had seen this particular feature on one of the Gins featured on the Internet and though it was worth copying.

Painting, proper to follow.


Sunday, 17 July 2016

Mortar Set - part five

I have further detailed the base with a Reaper Bones large barrel and the powder scoop from a GW Empire Cannon plastic kit, both were glued in place with superglue before the groundwork was re-modelled.

The mallet was scratch-built from a skewer and cocktail stick, a simple piece of scratch-building.

Please note, the single shell or ball and mortar barrel are not attached to the mortar or base, I will keep them separate to make painting easier.


Saturday, 16 July 2016

Mortar Set - part four

As you can plainly see, I have not been idle.....

The gin was built from strips of scrap wood (actually an old fruit packing case) with the tripod hinge at the top made from a piece of florists wire detailed with plastic card washers and more wire. I have glued the gin in place with superglue and built-up the base with more DAS and sieved stones.

The projectiles were from a resin gun/cannon that I bought many years ago, the four stacked balls were trimmed and glued in place while the single ball has had a wire loop added to the top - to show a ball ready to be loaded.

The inspiration came from an image found on the internet, I think it makes the simple mortar look much more purposeful.


GIN - a tripod frame used to replace the barrels of cannons in the field and load mortars.

Friday, 15 July 2016

Mortar Set - part three

The mortar base has been glued in place and the groundwork built up from DAS modelling clay with sieved stones and sand glued over uPVA glue. I felt that the base or mortar frame needed some additional detailing so I added cocktail stick wooden pegs to the base, by first drilling holes in the resin and then gluing trimmed cocktail stick pegs into them. I am sure that this additional work will pay dividends when the model is painted and particularly when drybrushed.

I recently met with Ryan, he was kind enough to donate a second mortar (the all metal version) to me. I'm now wondering how I can make the second mortar different.

Finally, I have been told that this model was sculpted by Dave Toone,