Wednesday, 1 July 2015

A Scratch-Built Vendee Windmill - as featured in Wargames Soldiers & Strategy issue 79

For the first post of July, I have included this staged image of a scratch-built 28mm Vendee Windmill which I build for a themed article and modelling tutorial in Wargames Soldiers & Strategy issue 79 (July/August 2015).

The model was built following a direct request from Guy (Editor) and the construction and painting is covered in great detail, allowing a competent modeller to build a similar structure.

For full details see Wargames Soldiers and Strategy issue 79 - due in shops now. You can also find details of the official WS & S website here.

The article Building a Vendee Moulin - Tilting at Windmills was great fun to work on, allowing me the opportunity to build one of these unusual straight sided windmills with the distinctive pointed roof. It also features a new technique, one that has not been seen in either Building Wargame Terrain or More Wargame Terrain, - namely the use of cork to simulate stone.

Regular readers and followers will know that this is not the first Windmill I have modelled. I have a couple of scratch built models in my personal collection as well as having built 'master models' for Grand Manner. This particular model is for sale and has been featured on The Miniatures Page market - for full details of how you can own this piece of terrain go to this e-bay link.


Tuesday, 30 June 2015

The Pax Boche themed month - my thoughts

It should come as no surprise to anyone who follows this Blog that for the month on June I have attempted a Pax Bochemannica themed month, that is every Blog post this month has included something to do with this great game from Maveryc Games.

So what do I think I have proven?

Firstly, I have been a fan of both the game and the ideal behind the game since I first saw miniatures of the original Pax Boche game back in Harbinger (now you begin to see just how far back I go!) which had a two page feature of version one. When I read that a revised Mk II boxed game was being developed I knew I would have to have it and was lucky enough to know one of the play-testers. My game testing has never been that good and so (as the Blog relates) I volunteered to build some Halfling Boche terrain. This terrain has featured in Miniature Wargames, Halfling Roundhouses in the article Bish, Bash Boche.

I was even given a set of three Halfling Boche and three Noman Legionaries which have also featured on this Blog.

When the Pax Bochemanica - S.P.Q.Orc Game was being prepared I pre-ordered mine and when it came I was impressed by the quality of both the miniatures and the rulebook, but then other interests took over and there seemed to be some issues with distribution of the game. I am embarrassed to say that my copy of Pax Bochemannica remained in the attic, unpainted and un-loved for some considerable time.

Later, I wrote three linked gaming scenarios for Orcs in the Webbe and even built some more themed terrain, once again details can be found on this Blog or Orcs in the Webbe.

Then my interest was rekindled. I read on the Maveryc Games site that David Toone had once again started sculpting - and they were beauties. Maybe it was time to get that box out of the attic?

Even so it took some time and another prompt - this time a couple of pre-release gaming scenarios, that were e-mailed to me for review. Yes I thought, Pax Boche was back and I wanted to be involved.....

Back in May, I started planning my Boche themed Month.

27 daily Blog posts over 30 days which I hope have retained readers interest, but more importantly they have retained mine!

So what do I think?

I am pleased that the original boxed set of Halflings have now been painted, in fact I was given four 'spare' Halflings - three of which have been painted, two of them converted! I have also converted and painted the Boche Mastiffs and even the two pieces of featured terrain - The Dolmen and the Gaming Objective. But I still remain a little disappointed as all of this work has not generated the amount of feedback or comments I have hoped for, actually expected.

My daily view numbers are down from a norm of 10,000 views a month to just over 7,500 a 25% decline. Comments have been below average and although the views (and comments) on The Lead Adventure Forum have been good, I have begun to wonder if I am a lone voice?

Are there that many collectors and gamers of this great game out there? If so what do they think?

Finally. I would not expect the Noman Legionaries to be painted any time soon, other more pressing matters and even a couple of commissions will be taking pride of place for July and August, so my Pax Bochemannica month, has it proven anything, other than prompting me to paint up some long-forgotten miniatures. Yes - The game is not as well supported as I would have hoped.


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Monday, 29 June 2015

Boche Standard and Musician - part two

The Flesh areas have been built up in the same way as the earlier Boche Halflings. Charred Brown, Snakebite Leather, Stonewall Grey and Skull White.

Image Two - The all-important trousers, trews or kegs have been painted in Blue, Red and (unusual for me) Purple. The Purple was from Rackhams.

Image Three - The stripes were built-up over Stonewall Grey and highlighted with Skull White.

Image Four - Metallic areas were first undercoated Dark Brown and then Citadel Metallics were used on top.

The bases were painted in the same way as the earlier Pax Bochemannic Halflings.

Image Five - The finished group after being varnished and having the bases decorated.


Sunday, 28 June 2015

Boche Standard Bearer and Musician

I picked up this pair of Copplestone Celtic Elves from e-bay. It is my intention to use the Boar Standard and the Horn as conversion parts for the additional Pax Bochemannica Boche that were passed on to me earlier this month by Rob Alderman.

Image Two - This spear wielding Boche had the spear cut from his right hand and a section of metal rod attached in its place. The new sword was cut from plastic card and remodelled with Milliput epoxy putty.

Image Three - The Boar standard was cut from the donor Elf and after drilling a hole in the base of the Boar, I superglued it in place.

Image Four - I had tried to sculpt/convert one of the Boche to be holding the Horn to his mouth, but this proved too difficult for me and in the end, I placed the horn in his right hand and again sculpted a sword in his left. The third figure is pretty stock, just a small flat bead as a shield instead of the round shields supplied in the original box set.

Image Five - The bases were further textured with sand and stones before being undercoated with 'rattle-can' Black. Any bits missed were touched-up with Chaos Black from GW.


Saturday, 27 June 2015

Boche Halflings - the last three minis/3

Image One - The bases are finished and I have varnished with both Gloss and Matt Varnish. The Pax Bochemannica Halflings just need the bases decorated and they are ready to join the rest of the Boche.

Image Two - Static Grass and Ground foam applied over superglue and the last three Boche Halflings from the original boxed set are well-and-truly finished.

Image Three - DelBoy, Rodders and Trigger pose for a group image.

With all the Halflings from the original box set now finished, where now? You'll have to wait until tomorrow for that to be answered.


Friday, 26 June 2015

Boche Halflings - the last three minis/2

The last three miniatures from the Pax Bochemannica box set have had the flesh areas built up over a Dark Brown base. I have used snakebite Leather and Stonewall Grey to highlight the skin tones before 'washing' the figures with Citadel Flesh and Sepia washes.

Image Two - As with the earlier Boche figures, I have painted the trousers and what in these cases seem to be scarf's by building up a strong base colour with just one highlight before adding the pyjama stripes. This was done in exactly the same way as the earlier Boche.

Image Three - The detail painting continues and now, I just need to finish off the bases.


Thursday, 25 June 2015

Boche Halflings - the last three minis from the Boxed Game

We're getting close to having a full Warband of Pax Bochemannica Boche Halflings. These are the last three miniatures from the original box set to be painted and as you can see they are beauties.

Image Two - I wanted my DelBoy character to be a little different and so replaced the rather flimsy axe with a HUGE sword cut from a Sword Maiden from Celtos Games. It was an easy conversion and one, that I believe sets my DelBoy apart from all the other Boche Wellard's.

You should also be able to see how I have added a DelBoy 'D' necklace to his chest - a DelBoy trademark.

Image Three - All three Halflings are now based on 1p coins with the groundwork built up from Milliput and/or Green Stuff.

Image Four - After adding some sieved stones and fine sand to the bases, I have painted the miniatures with 'rattle-can' Black and touched up any missed areas with Chaos Black from GW.

They are now ready to be painted.....