Thursday, 28 February 2008

SMS Hannover from Space 1889

Following the construction and painting of the three Hamburg class gunships I saw a sketch on the Squirmydad web page/blog of a German Cruiser rough jpg.

I decided to build a model of this aeronef.

The main construction and detailing follows the same procedure as that for the Hamburg class gunships (detailed below), the only deviation from previous builds was that I did not produce a sketch myself, but used the jpg from Squirmydad and built the model using SMS Hamburg for scale.

The model is 110mm long.

Painting was very much the same as the SMS Hamburg models, I even used the same colours and markings.

There is not a lot that I can add, the model is just a bigger Hamburg - and this is the first time that I have added a crew member to my 1/300th scale Aeronef's - field gun crew from minifigs (I think).


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