Friday, 19 September 2008

Flintloque - Windmill

Over the last month I have been modelling this Flintloque (Spanish) Windmill and writing a construction and painting article for the next issue of 60 Bloody Rounds, a Flintloque Fanzine. See;

The full article is due to be included in the next issue (November/December), but I just couldn't resist including this one posed photo as a teaser. The figure is a Grenadier Guard, the subject of my latest Flintloque regiment and the photo is taken on my flock-covered gaming board.

"If you want to read more or see how I made it - sorry, you will just have to wait until issue #3 of 60 Bloody Rounds, due out in November."

My 165th post - a very special occasion and milestone for me and this Blog.

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