Sunday, 21 March 2010

West Midlands Military Show 2010

Earlier this morning I made my annual visit up to Wolverhampton and the West Midlands Military Show, at the Alumwell Leisure Village. I thought I was running ahead of time, arriving at 10.15, but meeting up with others I realise that I was well late! Please note that the show did not officially open until 10.00am.

With a pocketful of birthday money I had a mixed show, picking up some secondhand miniatures, a couple of packs of scatter material, this selection of books and a whole load of secondhand magazines which I look forward to reading at my leisure. I still came back with more than half of my spending money intact.

The WMMS is one of my closest shows, about 30 miles out and 30 miles back. Arriving early did mean that I was able to park easily and with an entry cost of just £3.00 I was soon browsing the trade stands. The show hall follows the tried and tested plan of traders around the outside and demonstration games to the centre. Once again the show was well attended by both traders and games.

The bring and buy was very well supported and it was here that two of the three books featured above were purchased at bargain prices. The miniatures were two secondhand packs of Flintloque figures, one of Ogres and the other Dwarves. I also picked up a Ratman Piper I already have one, but had been looking out for another to base and paint as a display miniature - no doubt, an On-Line Build will follow.

The other purchases were bits and pieces, scalpel blades, basing material/scatter and a couple of D&D miniatures. Then when checking-out the display games I picked up what I thought were great bargains, a batch of old Military Modelling Magazines, and a couple of old Windsock (WW1) magazines.

I believe that the quality of display games was very mixed, It is always a 'bugbear' of mine that gamers still insist on placing Games Workshop plastic hills on green felt tablecloths with odd sections of walls and hedges, and expect member of the public to be impressed! One exception was the Shrewsbury Show (a Viking Raid in 28mm) and a very novel game of 'Catch that Pigeon' ( Dick Dastardly and Mutley in WW1 aircraft which was very well supported throughout the time I was at the show. Very well done).

I had packed my camera, and although I have taken a number of shots, I found that there was very little worth up-loading now that I am back at the computer, one exception is this scratch-built Sci-Fi truck (approx. 28mm), obviously based on a Hummer. I thought that this was worth including for inspiration and I hope that you agree.

I was back home for 2.00pm and a Sunday lunch of Lamb and mint sauce. The first show of the year now 'put to bed.' I suspect that I will be visiting more, but I plan for less than I did in 2009.


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The Lord of Excess said...

Cool stuff!

Always envious of people who live on the East coast in the US or anyone in western Europe. There are so many cool shows, conventions, etc. out here in the Western US I can count on one hand the types of events like that we have to choose from (and for me those are all a 400+ mile drive).

Rob Alderman said...


I was there, you probably saw me!

I was frantically buying VSF stuff and rummaging through the second hand flintloque stuff. I got some massive bargains!!!

Dang, would have liked a quick chat!


Tony said...

Hi Rob,

If you were there with your girlfriend and asking to see a boxfile of Flintloque miniatures that had been put aside for you - then I saw you (and picked up the Ratman piper from the same box!

You were busy searching through the box for bargains, too busy to be disturbed.

I hope you enjoyed yourself anyway.


Rob Alderman said...

Yeah that was me! Haha!

Yeah the show was great fun. We had a really good time. She even picked up some western buildings!

Funny stuff! haha!

I picke dup some Big Toads and Dark Elf Guerillas from him. Not to mention the promo Sharke Figure looking more elven than orcish. Nice model.


Ubique said...

Hi Tony,
The Sci-Fi truck was made by Brian of the Pensnett Model Makers Society. The front section, as you stated, is a Hummer. The rear is a cut down section taken from a Space 1999 - Eagle transporter. Glad you liked it. I only know this because I’m a (irregular) member of the club.

Tony said...

Hi Rob,

"Good job I didn't introduce myself - I would have wrestled you for that Sharke promo figure":)

Maybe we can meet at one of the next shows.


Rob Alderman said...

We definately should meet up at Salute, I can show you my scrap book! Inspired by this very blog!

I'll just have to paint it and put it up here! I've been looking for it for a while, just got to find Klaffenhund on foot now...

Not to mention LE001...


Tony said...

To Ubique,

Thanks for the info. It was one of the very few models that caught my eye at the show.


Tony said...

Hi Rob,

I doubt I'll be at Salute. It conflicts with other plans and the London Shows are not my favourite (a career of attending them with work).

I will keep the Blog updated with future shows that I plan on visiting, but if I can arrange a visit to Coventry - I will contact you. I am planning on a visit to photograph and draw the old medieval buildings. I'm working on a group of 28mm resin buildings that will be out very soon.


Rob Alderman said...

Haha! The old medievil buildings that were built in the 70's you mean? Yeah...

I actually live closer to your son than Cov. I visit Leamington quite regularly. I'm just a student at Coventry!

Would be great to stop for a chat though.


The Barking Editor said...

Hello Tony,

Sounds like you had a good time and got some good finds to at the show this time.

If you do want a Sharke promo miniature drop me a line. I have a few here and can sort you out.

As to the Promo2000 Klaffenhunde on chance. I know of only one and its locked up at AA!


Rob Alderman said...


I thought I was being all sneaky and commando like trying to keep my cool buying it and you go and have one!


I'll keep my eyes peeled, as usual!

I better upload my WMMS experience soon...