Thursday, 2 December 2010

Portuguese Cazadores - a result!

Last night at the Guess the Vintage Port event I raised exactly £50.00 at the charity auction for this repainted figure. Regular followers will know some of the heartache that this particular project has caused me, but in the end, it has all been worth while.

Thanks for all the support and comments, at the low point I was very tempted to 'bin it'. I now know it has gone to a very good home and raised some much needed charity funds.

For those who follow such things - the Vintage Port was Warres Quinta da Cavadinha 1996, a Port that is available from Waitrose.



BigLee said...

Glad it turned out ok in the end

Rob Alderman said...

Well done mate, I'm glad it sold at that sort of premium. It definately deserves it!