Wednesday, 2 March 2011


To commemorate St. Davids' Day Craig at Orcs in the Webbe has uploaded a brand new Flintloque scenario entitled Thunderballs-up. Written by C. J. Hooper and featuring that famous International Hobgoblin of Mystery Austin Powys. The story and scenario continue that long established tradition (well it is one year old) of writing themed Flintloque scenarios to commemorate the UK Saints days.

In this photo you can see Ophelia Whitebits (in the red dress) being accompanied by her entourage while being guarded by an Ogre in the employ of Bruno Von Bruno. "Does that wagon in the background contain Ophelia's unmentionables?"

For more details go to this link While further Saints Day scenarios can be found at this link



The wagon has a 'scratch-built' body with metal wheels from my spares box. The plastic canopy is from a metal bodied pencil sharpener toy which has been shortened while the horse is a modified cake decorating toy. the model featured a fully loaded interior and is mounted on to an oval of MDF.


pp said...

...and just where is the cake?

lovely painting and scenery, it's a damn big wagon for one travellers unmentionables, must be an ogre thing.


John Lambshead said...

Tony - LOL
I never got into Flintloque but I love your write up. This is wargaming as it should be.
great models as well