Saturday, 17 December 2011

IPMS Scale Model World - a photo report, part five

In part five I have added images of what I think are some of the most entertaining models - the 'What-if's' or Fantastical Aircraft that were on display. They range from actual aircraft with alternative colour schemes or markings to Luft 46 'paper planes' and even a couple of film stars or film props.  I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I do. My favourite part of visiting the IPMS show is seeing such models.

A German Jaguar with experimental tilt wing.

The Indian Jones Flying Wing.

A couple of aircraft from Porco Rosso.

Not sure about this one - it could be a What-if, or an actual aircraft.

TSR2's One of my all-time favourite aircraft and I make no apologies for it being included in various colour schemes.

These two aircraft were on the British Secret Project Display which was crammed packed with gorgeous models.

I would normally think twice before including an aircraft with such a blatant Nazi insignia, however this model was on the Acrobatic Display Team stand and I feel the modeller had done a great job of visualising what the Horten Flying Wing would have looked like if Germany had a Post-War Flying Display Team.

This was not a What-if but displayed as an actual aircraft!

I have no idea of the historical accuracy of this flying test bed, but it does look fantastic.

This Gloster Meteor has Turbo-prop engines and Israeli markings.  The actual aircraft did exist as a test bed, although not in these spectacular markings or as an operational fighter/bomber.

Finally a Russian Flying Sub, that was actually seen as a viable project.

Regular followers will know that I regularly include images of 'What-if' and fantastic Aircraft on my Blog I feel they offer the modeller much greater scope than actual aircraft and loads more fun.



Pablo J. Álvarez said...

You, you've struck a chord with many of hese airplanes, I have followed step by step during its construction in "" Very good people with bright ideas. Thanks for the pictures.

Jay said...

Wonderful display of imaginative and skilled modelers.

Unknown said...

Thanks Tony that was a great series of post, it made me come over all airfixy