Sunday 11 November 2012

IPMS Scale Model World 2012 - Telford

With Dave Bodley from Grand Manner I visited the IPMS Scale Model World Show at the International Centre, Telford on day one - Saturday, 10th November.

We arrived just after 10.00am, and parked in one of the overflow car parks, which I find easier and quicker than queueing for the official or main car park.

We were through the main doors and into the first hall within a few minutes and were once again struck by the size of this huge show which this year occupied three halls and a further suite for the competitions.

It is my intention to post images of the models over the next couple of months, but for now, here are a few of the 1:1 scale exhibits. First a Daimler Dingo Scout Car.

The nose of an Avro Shackleton MR.1

Westland Lynx HMA.8

Valentine DD  (Duplex Drive) Tank

The whole visit lasted until gone 4.00pm and even then, I'm not sure I saw everything. I did however have a great time. One of the highlights for me is searching-out Ian Sadler and once again thanking him for the hints and tips that he passed on to me last year, the year before and the year before that.

This time around Ian was demonstrating a technique for creating rust and/or chipped paint.  The steps are shown below, but for simplicity sake I have summarised them;

1 Grey Primer
2 Base colour (in this case Soviet Green)
3 Mixed Vallejo Acrylics (Dark Rubber, Smoke, Hull Red, Chocolate Brown, Mahogany Brown, Flat Brown, Red Leather and Orange Red) - The colours are brushed on in a haphazard fashion and built up from dark to light as can been seen in the photo.
4 Spray on cheap (and un-perfumed hairspray) and sprinkle with salt - you can use normal table salt or sea salt.
5 Spray paint with your base colour (again Soviet Green).
6 Use a cotton bud soaked in water to remove the salt, leaving the rusted or chipped areas.

NOTE; Please use un-perfumed hairspray as the perfumed variety can effect the salt. This example was painted with acrylics - the same effect cannot be guaranteed with enamels.

The above tutorial/article was given to me by Ian Sadler, IPMS Armour TAS.

Staying with tutorials, I saw these two images on the Forgeword stand and thought they would be of interest.

Most of my purchases were books and magazines, but I did pick up a whole load of cheap barrels, sacks and terrain pieces to re-stock my 'bits- box'. It always amazed me, how much free stuff I come away with from this show - more magazines, samples and loads of catalogues and information leaflets.

More to follow.


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