Wednesday 23 January 2013

Aqua Vitae - part four

The Bog Orc Poteen Still finished. For anyone new to this series of posts, check out part onepart two, and part three for further details.

After varnishing the whole piece with Galleria Matt Varnish, I added some railway scatter or dyed sawdust to the base edges (as I do with all of my terrain). I have also stuck down a couple of static grass clumps to add interest to the finished piece.

Photos One and Two - Show a modified Uncle Rogipoos sampling some of the Rot-Gut Liqueur in his morning Cocoa.

Photos Three and Four - show the Flintloque themed terrain piece from the front and the back, showing just how 'busy' this little scene is. The base just is 110mm x 80mm.

Photos Five, Six, Seven and Eight - are close-ups or detail images showing the finished and based model.

Photo Nine - An over-head shot of the finished piece that was originally built as an entry for the Build Something Contest held over on The Lead Adventure Forum, for full details go to this link.

I have really enjoyed this little bit of terrain building. I think it fits in with my other Bog Orc themed terrain and certainly fits in with the ethos behind Flintloque.



Ubique Matt said...

Lovely piece of unusual terrain, full of interesting detail. Great work.

Gavin Syme (GBS) said...

That is lovely Tony. Another super piece of unique terrain for Flintloque.

Make sure you avoid drinking anything it produces though!