Thursday 18 April 2013

Olive Press - part six

The Olive Press - painting.

Photos One, Two and Three - A simple Dark Brown/Black basecoat applied in two light layers with a large brush and watered-down paint.

Photos Four and Five - The main stone areas were painted in a light cream over a base of Snakebite Leather and Skull White. The colour has been stippled on and drybrushed to pick out the sculpting and texture. At this stage the painting is still very rough and ready.

Photos Six, Seven and Eight - The groundwork has been painted in my usual Snakebite Leather/Skull White mix. I tend to build up the layers with two or three light coats and then roughly drybrush with more White added. It is obvious from the images that I am yet to start any detail painting.

Photos Nine, Ten and Eleven - Show some of the more detailed painting, especially the wooden parts. I have also added pure Skull White highlights to the stone areas, particularly on the higher points to exaggerate the detail and add some texture.

Photo Twelve - More detail painting. The wooden parts have been highlighted with different Browns and Greys. The rope areas have been painted Black/Brown and highlighted with Snakebite and Grey and the pots have been touched in, to add some much needed colour.

I still have some touching-up to do and the base needs to be finished off with scatter and ground foam which I will describe in my next installment.


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