Wednesday 9 October 2013

Caged Grawlth for Flash Gordon

It strikes me that I should have kept this post for Halloween! A Dream Blades miniature The Caged Grawlth that I bought some time ago at Games Expo (when this was held at the Clarendon Suite, Birmingham). It cost me just £1.00. I removed the model from its base and trimmed off the remains of the plastic plug before mounting it on to a 50mm lipped rim, round base. The groundwork has been built up with Milliput and the surface textured with some sieved sand. The painting was done over the original colour scheme with a mixture of acrylics. I did not undercoat or attempt to prepare the model (not even a quick wash) before painting and it seams to be OK.

I used a number of 'washes' to highlight the skin and hair. The miniature and base were varnished with galleria Matt Varnish (two coats) before I added the clumps of static grass. The one red eye was touched in with Future Gloss Floor Polish.

This is quite a brute, standing nearly 70mm tall as can be seen in this third image. The 40mm Graven Images Trooper giving some idea of the scale of this figure.

While searching the Web for information I came across this link from the artist who first drew the artwork for this figure. If you have time the Blog is well worth browsing, Christopher Burdett's artwork is quite fantastic.

I am not sure what this figure will be used as, but it is quite a lump and I would not want to get too close, it certainly gives me 'the creeps'.



Leigh said...

I certainly a creept piece, ideal for Cthulu-esqu games

Kasper said...

Great paintjob on one of the weirdest miniatures I've ever seen!