Wednesday 6 November 2013

Joccian War Haggis for Flintloque

My November On-Line Build or Pledge is a set of War Haggis from Black Hat Miniatures. I have wanted to model and paint these little monsters for some time and even looked at buying them over the Net, but it was Newbury Colours earlier this year when I actually picked up this blister of four War Haggis and a Dwarf Herder (SHD005 Highland Dwarf Haggis Herder) as well as some Coat d'Arms paint. Black Hat Miniatures were exhibiting on a stand next to Dave Bodley (Grand Manner) and with my cash in hand I picked up this set.

Photo Two - The four War Haggis and Dwarf Herder.

Photo Three - Looking like hairy Squigs, the Joccian War Haggis will be based and modelled to accompany my Glasgee Lowland Rats (56503 from Alternative Armies).

Photo Four - Mounted on to 2p coins with the groundwork built up from Milliput White. I had thought that I could have mounted them on to 1p coins, but I think they look better on the larger 2p coins.

Photo Five - A close up of one of the fierce War Haggis, or is that Haggi?

I'm looking forward to painting these little monsters, but am not sure what I will do with the Herder, I need to check my Spares Box to see if I still have some Joccian Ratmen.

More to follow.



Michael Awdry said...

Oh they are fabulous, I may have to have some of these!

Dannoc said...

That's an interesting set - looking forward to seeing them painted up.