Monday 30 March 2015

Swords by Ben Boos - an Artist's Devotion

I came across this book while visiting Glastonbury Abbey last week . The book was on sale in the Abbey souvenir shop, but at the time I thought it a little too expensive. Later when I got home a Google and e-bay search produced little. However, later still I found a perfect copy on e-bay and promptly purchased it.

I have found over the last year (maybe longer) that I am very particular about the books I buy. I find that I buy books for three reasons; Pleasure Reading - my latest being Raising Steam by Terry Pratchett. Research - usually, wordy books or books full of technical drawings for example The Historical Architecture of Britain by F.R. Smith or Barns of Rural Britain by Graham Hughes. Finally we have Books of Beauty - Books crammed full of gorgeous illustrations, one of my latest being Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi and illustrated by Roberto Innocenti.

Swords by Ben Boos is one book that can and will fulfil all three categories. The full title - Swords an Artist's Devotion, gives some hint as to the reason why. This is a true labour-of-love from Ben who has been sketching and researching the subject for many years. There are detailed notes and comments about the development of the Sword, but also beautiful drawings, both colour and black and white, of the sort that appeal to me of Swords, Knights, Vikings and even Sword Maidens - this really is a book to be enjoyed.

Image Two shows an official page spread giving an example of the pen and ink drawings, while;

Image Three was taken from the internet and gives and idea of the artist's work.

The book is beautiful and full of detailed drawings and sketches which should appeal to many modellers, gamers and historians. I cannot recommend it enough.

This link gives more details and this is an official Ben Boos page.

I have also read that Ben had since passed away and I find this a great loss as he was obviously a talented illustrator.


Swords by Ben Boos - an Artist's Devotion
270mm x 310mm
88 pages - fully illustrated with Colour and Black & White images
Published in 2008 by Templar Publishing
ISBN 978-1-84011-324-2
List price £14.99

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