Sunday, 3 April 2016

Ma.K Hover Tank (the painting) - part thirteen

At long last - some paint.....

The whole model was first spray painted with a product called Makes Paint Stick (I'm not sure this is still available. It is or was intended as an undercoat or primer for plastic garden furniture). I then spray painted with a cheap 'rattle can' grey primer before adding some cast hull texture with acrylic paste added to acrylic grey paint.

I had seen and read that many modellers like to add cast texture to Ma.K tanks and models - so I did the same. I used an old brush to stipple the texture gel and give the hull a rough texture.

In these images you can see some variation in the colour, this is because the texture gel is white and when added to the grey paint it can give a lighter base colour. I tried to compensate for this and the problem was that once fully dry the paint had a mottled effect.

I made sure that this cast texture was concentrated on the hull and parts of the turret, while leaving the engine nozzles and particularly the green wire mess areas clear (I didn't want to clog up the mesh).


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