Saturday, 25 June 2016

Reap what you sow

I'll start by stating that this is not and never has been a politically motivated Blog, however it would be tough to ignore the recent Brexit result.

I have always believed that the UK is better in the European Union, however comments and presentations by both sides in the debate have had their merits and at times had me thinking of voting both In and Out. But mainly it has been a 'mud slinging' exercise with both sides attempting to undermine any so called facts that have been presented by the opponents rather than trying to offer alternative counter arguments or real reasons to either stay or go. I think it has been a 'low point' in British politics and the only good point to come from the campaigns is that there has at least been a reasonable turnout.

In the end my decision to remain was a decision taken with my heart rather than my head as the facts were in the main missing from the debate/debates.

On Thursday evening I went to bed with the commentators predicting a win for the stay campaign and woke to news that the UK had voted to leave, a decision that if anything has further divided the public. Even within this extended family there are those who have voted for an exit and those that have voted to stay.

My point is that David Cameron called the referendum in an attempt to satisfy his own party and the result has in fact done more to separate the country.

With the majority of votes cast being for an exit strategy, I, as a firm believer in democracy will state that this is the decision that the New UK government should take and it would be wrong to ignore the majority, however I can at least mourn the day that we (the UK) decided to leave the European Union.

On Friday, the schools opened, the motorways were still busy, I was able to access my bank account (and buy a bottle of Gin) and the lights came on, I have not felt like crying into my beer or shouting foul, but I am a little pessimistic about the future for my 18 month old Grandson now that this decision has been made.

Good luck.



Robbie Rodiss said...

I also have a grandson, and I feared for his future, that's why I voted out. Now why should each of us, with the same concerns, have voted in diametrically opposite ways?
I would like to think that most of the electorate had the same concerns and voted from the head and the heart.
I took my decision because no one could explain to me what the actual benefits were of staying in the EU. Workers rights?well our Parliament had created most of the legislation years ago. The environment? the UK has been at the forefront for years. The economy? if we had joined the Euro as we were all told we had too, the country would have been a basket case? Luckily because we were outside it the government could maneuver things about, unlike poor Greece, Spain and Italy. The right to work anywhere in the EU? why would I want a job in Romania or Slovakia? The free movement of people was always to allow cheap labour to be exploited by the multi nationals to the determent of our own grand children. I live in the North East, what has the EU done for this area, Nissan? all 7000 workers, and zero hours contracts, oh and Romanian car washes. My choice was a no brainer, but I am proud of our democracy and proud of being British [ I must be a racist]. Good post.

joppy said...

As no one really seems to know what will happen now we're all in a state of flux. Only time will tell. What is annoying at the moment is the seeming consensus that the young (remain) have been stitched up by the old (leave) when the figures given show an almost equal divide in both cases. I bet Gibraltar really feel themselves left out in the cold now, especially as Spain seems to be posturing already. Only time will tell.

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

I'll admit to having a feeling of mild apprehension ever since the vote... and I voted in as well for pretty much the same reasons as you (plus a healthy dose of risk aversion in my case)... but this was an old people's decision, much as it pains me to say it as an old person.. all the analysis shows the majority of youngsters wanted to stay in....