Sunday, 11 September 2016

Flintloque Ogre Bruiser

Following close on the heels of last month On-Line Build comes yet another single figure conversion. Using the huge KGL Officer 56006 from Alternative Armies I cut off both arms and the sword and replaced them with resin arms from the HeroClix Mr Hyde (see below). The shoulders and epaulettes were re-modelled with Green Stuff applied over small drops of superglue.

Additional uniform detail was built up and sculpted from more Green Stuff.

The model has sat on my workbench for (literally) years with the basic red and white uniform partially completed. Hopefully this 'new' Bruiser will inspire me to finish the paint job.

These images show just how 'rough and ready' my Green Stuff sculpting is. I really should try to smooth it out a bit!


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