Saturday, 4 March 2017

Hammerhead Shark BS2017- the voting is now open.

The Lead Adventure Forum Build Something 2017 Contest is now active and votes are being taken on the entries. For full details go to this link.

My Hammerhead Shark Aeronef is in Group A

Here are some construction and painting images for your perusal. While the image above is the image I entered for the contest.

I hope you enjoy the contest entries - there are some real beauties featured.



Zzzzzz said...

Very nice. Off to see the competition...

Grey owl said...

WOW....i loved the D&D spelljammer ships and setting
especially most of the fish and insect type

11 out of 10 in my books

is it for sale.......looking for a 28mm scale one
or a commissioned one

Tony said...

Hi Peat,

Thank you for the comments.

The model is not for sale. Sorry.