Saturday 3 October 2020

Hand tool restoration - a wooden block plane

For some time, I've enjoyed watching You Tube videos of people who restore old hand tools and it's something I have wanted to try. I found this old wooden block plane in a charity shop while Sue was picking up some medication from the chemists and though at just £5.00 it was worth a punt.

Back home, I dismantle the plane into its component parts - there wasn't that many.

And then had great fun sanding and polishing the plane. I used hand tools and an electric drill as well as various grades of sandpaper/wet and dry paper to get to this stage. 

Then polished the plane with some clear polishing wax.

These images, show the finished block plane and its markings. It was made by S. Ashton, Sheffield. 

The total restoration took most of yesterday afternoon, but as it was raining, I had nothing else to do.



joppy said...

A good job in rejuvinating the old tool. Do you intend to use the plane at all? If so, make sure the bottom is flat. Some older ones have worn through use.

Tony said...

"Do you intend to use the plane at all?"

Yes, I have some jobs that I'll be using it for. The body and base are in very good condition - very flat and square. The only issue I've encountered so far is that the mouth is a little tight - I will have to widen it (I'll use a file and chisel) so that the blade can be adjusted more easily.


Tea in Thailand said...

Looks great! You'll be on the lookout for more now! Xx

Adam said...

Picked up the same plane at the dump in High Wycombe last yr. Im just restoring mine too. Slightly different handle. From my research S.Ashton was just the plane iron maker. So im guessing the body of the plane was custom made.

Tony said...

Thanks for that.