Monday 1 February 2021

Flintloque Line Infantry - part twelve

With the white stapping and the decoration on the shakos painted I feel this group of eight Orcs has taken on a life of their own and are now individual characters rather than just plain lead castings. I am well aware that they have taken much longer to paint to this stage than I would have expected, but there is no doubt that they have helped to keep me grounded during this most recent national lockdown. In fact I have written about this before - miniature painting for me at least, is my mindfullness activity, the hobby that keeps me 'sane' and helps with my mental health. 

When Sue bought me the shed-at-the-bottom-of-the-garden 21 years ago little did she realise just how much time I would be spending down there. As I often say - it is my TARDIS; "I'm just popping down the shed for 10 minutes and three hours later I reapear with absolutely no idea just how long I have been modelling."

Like fishing, I feel that time spent painting model soldiers is time that God does not count against you.

Stay safe.



Mac Coxhead said...

I echo your thoughts on the advantages to mental health of painting toy soldiers. I would add that you, and the very few others like you who share their knowledge and expertise freely, vastly increase the enjoyment, and thus the benefits, of the hobby.

This is a personal thank you for al the years you have given so much.

Mac Coxhead

Tony said...

Thank you Mac.

It is much apreciated.