Wednesday, 21 April 2021

What next for my magazine articles/tutorials?

Earlier this month I posted details of part one of my Windmill build featured in Miniature Wargames issue 457. Next month the second part will show how the model was painted and finished. See this post for more information.

I'm now looking around for some inspiration - maybe even suggestions as to what next!

Do you have any suggestions - remember, the more unusual the better. I want to be 'pushed' and not just produce variations on a theme.



Codsticker said...

A horse stable? Water mill?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps a piece inspired by Conan?

Lasgunpacker said...

Star Wars tramp freighter scratch build (to go with the current Legion craze)
Mediterranean terrain, but with snow
Bavarian terrain (timed to coincide with Victrix Bavarians release)
Crimean trench Terrain
Franco-Prussian era train station
Naturalistic copse of trees
Necromunda Hive terrain (with the proliferation of plastic terrain, you see more kitbash than scratch work these days)
Small scale terrain (3mm village, 1/700 or 1/2400 coastal etc)

Tony said...

WOW, thanks for those. I particularly like the idea of a Conan inspired piece.