Tuesday 28 September 2021

The Yellow Pelican Mining Co. - sheeting the roof

The first image shows the main roof clad with corrugated sheeting that has been painted and weathered. The sheeting was made from aluminium food containers and corrugated with a simple paper rolling machine that was picked up from The Works.

I started with strips of aluminium foil that was cut from food containers.

Here is the modified paper creasing machine that I used to make the corrugated sheets.

And here you have the individual metal sheets ready to be glued in place.

The next couple of images show the sequence of building up the roof covering. I used superglue to glue the sheets in place.

Finally for this post - I have included this work-in-progress shot showing how the sheets were weathered with a mix of acrylic paints and some weathering powders.

I would hope to be able to post more images in the near future.



Codsticker said...

Wonderful building so far. Your corrugated roofing has turned out excellent.

Lasgunpacker said...

Lovely! The corrugated sheets look perfect, and the weathering seems very realistic. I toured a property a few years back that had a garage made from corrugated sheets, and it looked very similar.

Tony said...

Thank you. It's coming along nicely, slowly by I'm enjoying the modelling and in no real rush to finish.

White Knight said...

You're taking this to the next level! Awesome work.