Sunday 20 February 2022

A couple of magic wands

In a change from my usual posts, here are a couple of magic wands and wand boxes that I built for my grandson's.

The first was carved from a lump of scrap wood given to me by Mal. He used the rest to build his garden dome greenhouse. It has a green agate stone mounted in the handle and a lions head carving on the main body.

The second was carved from an old garden umbrella pole and has the body of a monkey idol from a collectors toy series called 'Monster in my Pocket' pinned and glued to the handle.

They were great fun to make and paint. Both boxes were built from scrap card and covered in samples of textured wallpaper picked up for free with the red padding coming from a 50p cushion purchased in a charity shop. The ribbon was cut from some ex-Christmas decoration material.

I can report that both were well received.


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