Thursday 3 March 2022

The Ancient Guild of Dragon Research - part four

Another day, another post and another plaque. This time a huge dragon's claw - actually a Great Red Dragon Claw.

Once again inspiration came from the book DRAGONWORLD by S. A. Caldwell, in fact the claw is a near copy of one of the illustrations - Claws of the Drakon Exhibition. I had planned on modelling the claw from thick plastic card, but in the end the claw was made from MDF, cut out with a jigsaw and shaped with a rasp and my belt sanded before being sanded smooth. The bone area was built up with modelling compound, ready-mixed filler and DAS modelling clay before being painted with various acrylic paints and varnished. The claw is only finished on one side and glued in place with my hot glue gun.

This is the most impressive Dragon's plaque so far - but Sue has instructed me that this will be the last! Once again the boy's loved it.


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Lasgunpacker said...

These are all great, and I am sure well appreciated.