Thursday 4 May 2023

Armoured Satyr for Typhon

After finishing the large Cyclops I searched through my collection of miniatures for another Typhon or Greek Mythology figure and came across this Satyr. The figure has been sat on my to-do shelf for some time and I no longer remember where I bought it from or any details as to who made the mini.

I do know that I have heavily modified the sculpt as the original stood much taller on longer legs which I both shortened and re-sculpted. Apart from that the figure is pretty much stock.

The paint scheme is very rough and ready, but I feel it is in keeping with the Greek Satyr backstory. I have used lots of washes and very little colour which is different from most of my Greek or Typhon collection.

The figure is cast in tough resin and is mounted on a pre-decimalisation penny with the groundwork built up from Milliput. The final image shows the Satyr alongside one of the Spartan Games Hoplites - the Satyr is just over 42mm tall (head to toe).


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