Monday 2 October 2023

The New 1/35th scale Narrow Gauge Layout - part three

The progress has been slow, but here are some work-in-progress shots of the baseboard.

The first images shows the wallpaper plan positioned on the two IKEA table tops. The second image has a layer of polystyrene foam glued on top to define some of the ground contours. I used PVA glue to glue everything together and the various weights were added to make sure it was a firm bond.

Image three - I have used DAS terracotta clay to start refining the small dry-bed river.

Image four - I have strengthened the underside with some wooden strips that I picked up at my local DIY store for free. They should also allow me to add wiring to the bottom of the layout without the wires being damaged when placed on a table top.

I'll post more when I have something to show. I'm not expecting regular updates as I have other projects on the go and they are taking priority.


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