Thursday 7 December 2023

Orcs in the Webbe 2023 Advent Calendar day five

Orcs in the Webbe day 5 and this time a pencil sketch by me of my Flintloque/Deadlock character Margahrah the former Lyonesse Commissariat and acting Captain that features in the three part Deadlock scenario Getting Ahead as well as the additional two stand-alone scenarios Margahrah's Bane and Margahrah and the battle of Burnehof. For more details see this link.

The character of Margahrah was named after my Aunty Margaret (Marma) and her dog Sally he is based on a maths teacher and head of year called Mr Perrins who had a great influence on me as well as the fictional French police detective and Commissaire Maigret.

The sketch was done some time ago - I had planned on rewriting the three part Getting Ahead or Headless Zombies stories and publishing them as an illustrated novella and this and some other sketches were to be featured, but I never got around to it - maybe one day.

Happy Advent


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