Thursday, 15 April 2010

Daylight/Craft Bulbs

For over ten years I have used various Daylight or Craft Bulbs while modelling and painting miniatures. My modelling workbench is set up with two angle-poise lamps, one to each side, one with a plastic magnifier lens and the other with a professional glass magnifier (both of which I rarely use).

Both lamps use 40watt bulbs (any higher and the heat starts to melt the plastic housing), one with a bayonet and the other with an Edison fitting.

The last time I tried to replace the bulbs, I had great difficulty in finding a supplier, I can get 60watt and even 100watt replacements, but the 40watt bulbs are becoming very rare. The option of replacing the bulbs with 'Energy Saving' bulbs is complicated in three ways - there is some confusions in which bulb is a true replacement (any help on this subject would be greatly welcome), the new spiral or 'candy-twist' bulbs are too large or long for the bulb holder and finally the cost - the nearest replacement I have found is £9.99 each, compared to £2.00 - £2.50 for a Craft Bulb. Earlier this year my Mother accepted the challenge of finding a 40watt bayonet and 40watt Edison and was very pleased when she phoned to say that she had found and bought me a pair. Now that I have them, I realise that they are in fact blue coloured bulbs rather than craft bulbs, the sort that you would find on fairground rides or at Blackpool Illuminations. The difference is quite stark! Obviously.

Then earlier to day I found an Internet site that was selling 40watt Craft/Daylight Bulbs with Edison fitments, but was completely out of bayonet bulbs. For anyone in a similar situation to me the site is;

I have ordered three, knowing that I will not be able to purchase these bulbs for much longer. I find it quite frustrating that I am not able to purchase the bulbs I want/I need now that new regulations have forced companies to stop producing the 'old style bulbs'.

On a separate note, although connected as it was my Mum who suggested its use, I have this year been suffering with dry and chapped hands - more than likely due to the very cold winter. Mum bought me a tube of Vaseline Intensive Care Sheer Infusion lotion and within a couple of week the problem has disappeared. Anyone else who has found this Winters weather to have similar effects may want to check it out.

Quite an unusual post this time, but Hey, I tend not to be too organised! And both subjects are (sort of) modelling connected.



Karitas said...

I don't know if it helps, as obviously different stock levels will prevail, But the Hobbycraft near me still has an ample stock of bayonet and screw fit craft bulbs.

Tony said...

To Karitas

I'll check out Hobbycraft - although the closest to me (Droitwich Spa), didn't have any the last time I visited.