Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Greek Temple in plaster - update

Following on from my earlier post, here is the finished Temple base. The model was originally made as an alternative base to the Greek Temple 'master' I had produced for Grand Manner, however after Dave at GM saw the work-in-progress, I was persuaded to amend the model so it could be cast in resin and offered as an alternative to the simpler, flat base.

The bulk of the model is plaster castings of the original temple, with the stone sides being modified wall sections and rock face castings. The cave section has a lift-off roof. Full details of the Greek Temple model should be up on the GM site very soon, the roof section was being cast when I visited yesterday evening.

The miniature is a 40mm Spartan Games Argonaut (still up-painted), however the temple was originally designed for use with 28mm figures.

I am sure that a finished and painted temple will be available for photographing very soon.


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