Saturday, 19 June 2010

Beautifully painted Perry WOTR and Grand Manner Buildings.

These are a couple of photos showing two of the Grand Manner Medieval Town Buildings that I sculpted/modelled for GM.

Yesterday morning I received a personal email from Richard, (Captain Blood on the Lead Adventures Forum) who informed me that he had recently painted a couple of 'my houses'. For more details of the thread and additional photos, see;

These are just two of the photos Captain Blood up-loaded, showing his completed box of 40 War of the Roses plastics from The Perry's. I would be comfortable stating that these are some of the very best painted miniatures I have seen this year - they really are fantastic, very well painted and based. I have used them with permission.

The two buildings are the first examples of painted Medieval Houses I have seen and as a bonus, the painting and colour scheme is just fantastic, the email from Cpt. Blood was a complete surprise and a real treat. Maybe I should be more humble, but I still get a real buzz when I see terrain I modelled (and available from GM) painted. And in this case I would hope that you agree they are fantastic. Details of the two buildings are;

Part Jetted House 2 Story House;

Two Story House with Jetted Roof;

As a matter of interest, the Part Jetted House, was the first building I modelled in the range and the Two Story House was the last! The Part Jetted House was based on an illustration in a book called Discovering Timber Framed Buildings by Richards Harris, while the Two Story House with Jetted Roof was based on a black and white illustration in a magazine/web page. It makes me want to model more.


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Pablo El Marques said...

You are right: A nice paint job, on miniatures and houses.
PD: ...and congratulations for your buildings. ;-)