Thursday, 3 June 2010

Modelling Lathe

A quick and easy lathe set-up! I am sure there would be many who would see this particular set-up as a bit Heath-Robinson, but it works for me. The drill is a multi-speed and reversible Power Devil (a discount range Black & Decker) which can be 'locked on' and the aluminium rack was bought from a discount store many years ago, (discounted - as not all the pieces were in the box). I use it on an irregular basis and so when I set it up this weekend, I remembered to take some photos.

I clamp the rack to the rear step of the garage with some cheap 'G' clamps to ensure it doesn't vibrate around. In this particular photo, I am smoothing out a mast for a 28mm Pentakonter that I am building. The main shaping has been done with sandpaper although I also use modelling chisels to carve more intricate shapes.

I have used this set-up to produce some Greek urns and small fixtures, for which I attach a metal shelf to the arm you can see just under the drill.

In the past my Father and Grandfather used similar 'make-do' lathes to produce models, my Father, having a hand drill/home made lathe that he would use to produce masts for ships in bottles.

I hope that this photo gives some ideas as to what is posible.


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