Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Abaddon On-Line Build -part three

Following my earlier mishaps, I wanted to lay down a good base colour of dark red. I started with a thin layer of Games Workshop Red Gore and built up lighter coats of Red Gore/Blood Red then a couple of coats of diluted Baal Red Wash. I now think the colour is a little too dark, but I can build up pure Blood Red highlights once these base layers are fully dry.

The two arms have been painted with the same colour mix and will be added to the miniature later in the painting cycle.

I don't mind admitting that there have already been periods where I have wanted to give upon this miniature, the problems with the Water Based Oil Paints have taken away some of the 'gloss' and impetus I originally had with this miniature and I suspect that if I had not started this On-Line Build, I might have relegated this project to the lead mountain of unfinished figures!

Publishing my mistakes (see earlier post), was difficult, I think we all want to keep them 'locked up' and personal, rather than flaunting them. However the comments I have already received have been very supportive - thank you. I also feel that my comments and recommendations might help others to not make the same mistakes!

Further inspiration for the colour scheme has come from a couple of images in the GW book How to Paint Citadel Miniatures, see the feature on John Blanche, Blanchitsu (page 96) to see what I mean. Further updates will be posted soon.


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John Lambshead said...

Red is a difficult colour for th non-artist such as myself to work with. For what it's worth, I use the same technique as you.