Monday, 23 August 2010

The Aeronef Le Fee Verte - an update

Last month I reported that an article of mine had been included in the electronic PDF magazine The Ancible (issue 4). I have since seen a message on the Space 1889 Yahoo Group that Mateen Greenway has produced a computer mesh of the very same Aeronef/model on his Space 1889 site. see;

I have been a great admirer of Mateen's work and a number of my Space 1889/Aeronef models have been based upon his illustrations, it is therefore a great thrill for some of my modelling work to be the source of one of his beautiful illustrations. The photos featured below show the model Aeronef Le Fee Verte with two of the illustrations (used with permission) - I have tried to pose the model in the same attitude as the illustrations so you can see just how closely they match.

Photos One and Two - Le Fee Verte in level flight, auxiliary metal wings extended.

Photos Three and Four - A view looking down on the deck detail of this experimental Aeronef.

As I have commented on above, the Space 1889 site maintained by Mateen has been and still is a great source of inspiration for both me and others who are interested in the Space 1889 background, I am very proud of my model and the fact that it has been included in The Ancible, but even more pleased to see it featured on the Space 1889 site. Well done Mateen, I think it looks fantastic.

The Ancible #4 has full details of how the model was constructed and painted, while both the Ancible article and Mateen Greenway's Space 1889 site give a potted history of this French, experimental Aeronef and its posting to the Martian Colonies.

I hope that you enjoy them both, finally - thanks again to Mateen for allowing me to use the images and link to his Web pages.



Warren Zoell said...

Love this!

SteelonSand said...

She's a beauty all right! Excellent illustrations too.