Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Notables Painting Competition - Voting is now open

After a slight delay and the entry date being extended by a couple of days - The Notables painting competition is now up and running with five entrants, a little down on the expected turnout, but still a great competition. For more details see; link

As well as painting at least three miniatures from the Flintloque Fencibles blister (54031), entrants had to write a regimental background. In my opinion this was the best part of the competition. I'll give more details once the results are announced on Tuesday 12th October.

Good luck to ALL who took part and a big thank you to Alternative Armies for running the competition.


I keep using this official Alternative Armies photo as the competition rules state that the entries must remain secret/incognito until the results. Although I would expect Gavin to want an article for Barking Irons what ever the result!

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