Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Bier & Bones for Flintloque

The Bier & Bones game book arrived yesterday. It is the fourth book in the Flintloque the Skirmish 3rd Edition upgrade and in my opinion the most humorous. I have already commented on book one War in Catalucia and book two Death in the Snow on this Blog and so will do no more than point the non-Flintloque gamer to this link

Bier & Bones covers my favourite race - The Dwarves and as such has been eagerly awaited. The 96 page, card covered book is full of suitably irreverent black and white sketches that show characters and races in the usual Flintloque comic style.

Other races featured are the Dogmen, the Ogres and the relatively new Rabbits of Burrovia a new race that I am yet to come to terms with. I think they are very much an acquired taste and will I am no doubt appeal to many, but as stated, they have little appeal for me.

Regular readers will know of my fondness for both the Flintloque background and the unusual miniatures. It will come as no surprise therefore to know that I am full of praise for this latest game book and background.

In fact I can do no more than point the reader to this very insightful comment by Sumatran Rat Monkey over on TMP, see this link praising both Flintloque/Slaughterloo and Alternative Armies on the varied and fun releases which have been coming out of Girvan this year. Well done, Gavin. I think these comments mirror my own love for this Black Powder or Napoleonique game system.

You will have to wait for a more detailed review as I am still to read ALL of the text. My only disappointment is that Gavin has decided not to include that most heroic of Dwarf escapades - The (Great) Dwarf Sauerkraut War. Maybe Gavin is holding back, for yet another supplement? I do hope so.

For full details go to this link
Bier & Bones 5028 from Alternative Armies
ISBN 978-1-873997-10-9
Price - £15.00 plus p&p


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Sumatran Rat Monkey said...

Heh- and here I thought I'd just inspired a bit of eyerolling amongst the TMP faithful with my praise of AA.

Was a pleasant surprise to stumble across this comment while following links off of AA's own site, and wondering if the Dampfpanzerwagon mentioned was the same one I remember, who was named Tony and, if I remember correctly, did a brilliant limited release resin kit of the T-35, a few years ago...

Thanks much for the praise in the comment, though, and I'm pleased to see I'm not the only one who feels this way about the Alternative Armies gang. :)

- Monk