Wednesday, 9 February 2011

F104 Starfighter - a sketch

This particular illustration was completed back in 1984 and has remained hidden up in the attic for most of this time. Earlier this year I submitted this drawing to Aircraft Resources Center or ARC, see; this link

The Lockhead F104 (G) Starfighter has appeared as a feature article on the ARC for Wednesday, Feb 9th 2011.

The original drawing was based on a photograph given to me by my Uncle who had attended an airshow where this aircraft was on display. I have used a technique of 'dots' drawn with a technical drawing pen to reproduce the photo.

I should mention that it was this illustration that caused me to give-up this technique as working so close and with a repeating dot action caused some giddiness and eye-strain.

The drawing was produced on artists quality tracing paper after a technique shown to me by an art student who was attending Swansea University.



Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Super drawing you did!


Ubique said...

Great looking picture. I used the same technique for my 'O' level art piece many years ago. You're right, it does take it out of you after a while.


Paul Liddle said...

I've just found this while lurking on arc and was very impressed.I usually find you on TMP,you're a man of many talents for sure.