Friday 1 July 2011

40mm Skeleton Work-in-Progress

Continuing with my Greek Mythology or Typhon themed modelling/painting project I am going to paint yet another Spartan Games 40mm Skeleton.

Before starting with the paintbrush, I cleaned up the model with a new scalpel blade and removed the most prominent flash and mould lines. I also 'sharpened' the axe blade which on the original was a bit too chunky and blunt.

I have commented in my earlier entries that I find the Spartan Games Skeletons a little to thin (if it is possible to have a too thin skeleton) and have thickened up some of the more flimsy limbs with superglue. I apply a small amount of thick or gel type superglue with a cocktail stick and then use accelerator. I have used this technique in layers until the bones look thick enough and I am happy with the strength of the casting.

The miniatures metal base is first trimmed and then mounted onto an old or Sterling 1D/1d Penny which are easily picked up at antique shops in the area or on e-bay. They make idea bases for these figures being slightly larger than traditional or modern UK 2p coins and the weight makes these gaming miniatures very stable. The groundwork is built up from Standard Milliput and further texture added by sprinkling fine sand or sieved stones over uPVA glue.

I have used a cheap grey primer as my basecoat, just £1.00 a can in Poundland. Any bits I miss with the spraycan are touched up with grey acrylic paint and a large paintbrush.

Photo One - Shows the primed Skeleton all ready for some paint. You can click on the image for a larger view.

The image is taken indoors using natural light and a simple pale blue shirt as a background. My camera is a trusty (if a little dated) Minolta Dimage Z1, just 3.2 mega pixels, but equipped with a great close up or Macro function which is ideal for taking photos of miniatures.

In the next instalment I will detail my base or main bone colour mix.


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