Wednesday 4 July 2012

The HIVE, Worcester

The Hive, Worcester's newest public building. The first fully-integrated public and University library, which includes ;
Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service
Worcester City Library
University of Worcester Library
Worcester customer service centre
shop and cafe

The Hive was opened on Tuesday 2nd July and Sue and I visited on the 3rd.

A really impressive building with loads of wide open spaces both outside and inside. I spent most of my time in the Worcester Archive section which is situated on the first floor. The main Public Library taking up all the second floor.

This image shows the huge wall mural situated in the main reception area.

This is a view from the main library reading room, overlooking Worcester Cricket Ground, the river and The Malvern Hills.

Finally this a view from the Library looking down into the sculpted gardens.

For more information on this new venue;



Anonymous said...

do you know who painted the mural?

Tony said...

Not sure at this moment, but I will check when next I visit.


Steve said...

I really can't stand that gold roof, when you come into Worcester on the train from Malvern it really sticks out. Which is a shame as I like the rest of the building.

Anonymous said...

It was an interesting concept, but because it involved the county council, it hasn't succeeded. The building appeals to me from outside, but inside you will find the same weak library that was at Foregate Street, there are fewer archives assistants and the Hub is no better. A lot of money and it remains the same service, if not a little worse. Still the university got what it wanted, tax payers money for their new facility.