Monday 6 May 2013

40mm Sharpe and Harper - part two

I have mounted both figures on to a short section of old paintbrush with a dab of superglue. 

Photo One - The Sharpe miniatures has had the right arm completely re-modelled and the expose joint filled with green stuff. As I stated in the first post - the original casting had a very strange right arm that if connected as intended would have looked very awkward.

Photo Two - Harper has had some additional green stuff added to his otherwise thin legs.

Photo Three - I have spray painted the models with a GW Skull White 'rattle-can' taking care to ensure that there is not a build up of paint which might hide the beautifully sculpted detail.

You can also see how the re-modelled right arm is now in a more natural position.

Photo Four - The undercoated Harper

Photo Five - Prior to starting the painting, proper - I have given the miniatures a light wash of Badab Black from GW. I wanted to exaggerate the sculpting to make it easier to paint.

Photo Six - It is unusual for me to paint over a White undercoat, preferring either Black or very dark Brown. The Black wash was my attempt at a compromise.

I think it is apparent from these images, just how very well sculpted this pair of figures are. Jim Bowen had done a fantastic job of capturing the features and uniforms of these iconic characters.

In part three, finally some coloured paint!


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