Friday 17 May 2013

Figure Painter Magazine - issue #1

Last night while searching through some of my favourite Blogs I came across this new on-line magazine - Figure Painter, for full details go to this link.

At just £1.00 for the download I thought it was worth a punt and with only one exception (I could not find the link to download the magazine) the purchase via Paypal and download went smoothly.

The on-line magazine follows a similar format and layout to The Ancible, and Portal, with painting, modelling and gaming articles interspersed with adverts. Edited by Shane Rozzell, and with 56 full colour pages I think it is worth while watching/supporting although I do question if there is enough new content to support anything more than a quarterly publication.

I think the single tutorial, Dark Carnival by Sean Fulton (which won Best of Show at ReaperCon 2013) was worth the £1.00 on its own! There is also an in-depth review of X-Wing, a game that I have yet to play and an interesting build review of The Forest Guardian a resin cast bear and rider by AX Faction.

As an old dinosaur, I am still not entirely comfortable with digital magazines, and prefer the feeling of gloss paper in my hand. I know that in this age of electronic pads and e-readers I am a lone voice. But this is my view.

Considering it is only issue one, I think this is an admirable attempt at producing a special interest e-magazine. I will keep an eye out for future issues and report back here.

Check out the official site here and if you do decide to buy, please mention this Blog.


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