Friday 26 July 2013

Modelling Magazines from Thailand

A quick post. Holly (my Daughter) is now back in the UK following her two years in Thailand. On her return, earlier this week I was given these two magazines;
GiGa Hobby vol. 101 from June and Hobby Japan from July 2013.

Both magazines are in Thai, but full of how-to pictures and loads of Gundam illustrations. I find that the picture led how-to articles are of a superior quality to UK magazines like Military Modeller as the step-by-step photos are so much easier to follow. The subject matter is a little insular - Gundam, but the techniques to model these very intricate models are going to be of use to modellers of other genres.

I now have quite a collection of these magazines each fully illustrated and each over 100 pages long. If only I could find a way of translating them.


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roger said...

Some time ago a fellow showed me some automatic traductor for mobile. The software both recognized the characters being captured by the camera and automatically translated them. It worked for spanish to chinese. I don't know if there's the vietnamese dictionary.