Thursday 8 August 2013

Figure Painter Magazine No. 3

A quick review of Figure Painter Magazine number 3. The on-line magazine can be picked up for £1.00 from here.

82 pages with some adverts, but mainly a great read. In particular I enjoyed the tutorial on painting metal (chainmail) by Marta Slusarska. Something that I will be trying to repeat once I have a suitable miniature. I would have liked more content on terrain or bases, but this is only a minor criticism.

I have written about issue 1 here. However there is no review of issue 2. I tried ordering it and succeeded in downloading issue 1 twice! So be careful with using the site.

I would have preferred a paper magazine, finding them easier than on-line magazines, but as regular readers will know, I am a bit of a dinosaur. Regular on-line readers will find no problems with the easy to read format.

Well worth the £1.00 download price and a good read, definitely getting better.


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