Saturday 8 March 2014

Olde School Warhammer Archers

Today's post is another blast-from-the-past - A regiment of 20 Warhammer Fantasy Battles Archers that were painted by me many years ago. They have remained 'holed-up' in the attic and well away from prying eyes for some time.

They are a mixture of Copplestone Figures (the old Grenadier models) and Citadel Miniatures. I have mounted them on plexiglass or acrylic bases that were cut for me by a local sign maker. I have built up the groundwork with Milliput and painted them green and brown rather than adding static grass (which is my current preferred method of basing).

I have plans to take them to the local wargame show - WMMS at Alumwell this Sunday and see if I can sell them at the Bring and Buy. I will be sorry to see them go, but I have not used them in a long time and would prefer them to go to someone who would use them.



Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Your pricing yourself too low... :o)

DeanM said...

They look really nice - yes, quite the bargain I'd say Dean