Thursday 5 February 2015

Build Something 2015 - part four

I have now clad The Horseshoe Forge with thinner cardboard and cut out a rough horseshoe shaped opening for the main door. This opening will be refined later in construction.

It should be obvious from the image above that I have used odd pieces of spare or scrap cardboard for the cladding, which was glued in place with my Hot Glue gun.

In the second image, I have opened up the window area by cutting into the cardboard and digging out the space with a scalpel, once again I will refine the shape later in the build.

The black lines on the front of the building are to checkout the spacing of the upright timbers which will be the next bit of modelling while the 28mm Flintloque miniature gives some idea of the scale/size of this building.

You can follow this and the other scratch-built projects via this link.



Ubique Matt said...

Hi Tony, it's been bugging me where I've seen this building before when I finally remembered what it might be. It looks very similar to the Old Forge at Claverdon. According to a member of the Tolkien Society this building may have inspired Tolkien with the look of the hobbit houses.

Tony said...

Hi Matt,

I agree - It does look very similar to the model. In fact I'm wondering if I could adjust the model to look more like the Claverdon Forge?

Maybe not at this stage.

Thanks for the details.