Saturday, 15 October 2016

Panzerfauste Unarmoured

Earlier this week I dropped off some new terrain pieces for Rob Alderman to mould and cast in resin - the plan is that a new Oldehammer Kickstarter will be launched very soon and these new terrain models will be available to buy. I also picked up a couple of finished Panzerfauste Pillars (more on these in a later post) and a copy of the 32 page mini-guide Panzerfauste Unarmoured the starter set.

I spent most of last night reading through these simple starter rules and although Panzerfauste is not one of my core game systems, I was impressed by how simple and well laid out these starter rules are.

The booklet has a card cover and 32 pages in total - the layout is black text on A5 coloured and watermarked paper and follows the tried and tested route of text, some (fantastic) images and examples of play. I think the physical rule book was easier to understand than the on-line edition (well at least to this old dinosaur) and the GUTS system was very well described. I think I've got it!

Panzerfauste Unarmoured written by Steve Blease and Matthew Hartley, published by Hysterical Games Ltd.

If you want a copy - try contacting Hysterical games on this link.


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