Saturday, 17 December 2016

Gin Tasting for Holly's Birthday

As a birthday treat for Holly, I once again conducted the Gin Tasting talk that I first did two years ago. As you can see we had lots to choose from.

I started with this tasting kit - each of the plastic boxes contains dried botanicals - something I remember from my time working for Beefeater Gin/Hiram Walker.

Obviously, I had my reference material to hand.

Plus some tasting guidelines and my hand written notes.

It is amazing how much FREE information is available - here are some that I picked up since the last time I conducted a Gin tasting.

And not forgetting the tonic water.... 

My current favourite is the second from the left - Tescos Finest Tonic Water in a glass bottle. Sorry about the image, no flash!

After tasting four distinctive or styles of Gins we were each then able to sample whichever Gin, tonic and garnish we wanted. My own choice was a Boodles Gin, Tescos Finest Tonic Water and Pink Grapefruit garnish.

A very enjoyable evening.

Happy Birthday Holly.



Steve-the-Wargamer said...

The current Mrs Steve the Wargamer is a gin fan (Tanqueray or Bombay Sapphire thanks..).. what's your preference, and which tonic do you prefer?

Tony said...

"What's your preference, and which tonic do you prefer?"

Boodles - a Gin with NO citrus or

Portebelo Road Gin - a Gin with lots of citrus so a wide choice just with these two.....

My preferred tonic is Tescos Finest Tonic in the glass bottle, sold 6 x bottles for about £1.99.



Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Ahhh... better than Fevertree light/slimline?

Tony said...

"Ahhh... better than Fevertree light/slimline?"

I think it's the best.


Tea in Thailand said...

Only just seen this! Loved the gin tasting...although far too many to taste!

As for my (current) favourites... Whitley Neill, Monkey 47 and Bathtub!