Saturday, 10 December 2016

The Weathering Magazine #17

I recently saw this magazine featured on The Modelling News (see this link for full details) and thought it was worth taking the risk of purchasing it. I bought my copy via e-bay for just £8.99 and was very impressed with both the quality and the content of this very specialised publication.

As modellers we regularly confuse Filters, Washes and Oils interchanging these description and terms. I openly admit that I do! This magazine clears up a number of different techniques and through loads of full colour illustration each step/technique is clearly explained.

Chapters include;
Washes and Oils
Oil Dot Techniques 
plus step-by-step examples working with aircraft, tanks and Sci-Fi subjects.

I would say that this is one of the best 'primers' or Newby publications on these techniques and definitely worth the money. A book that rewards study and practice.


The Weathering Magazine issue 17 October 2016
Published by MIG Jimenez
ISBN 2340 289X
(Available in different languages - this one was published in English)

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Rob Alderman said...

I love the Weathering magazines. Yes, they are expensive but they are made in short runs.

Excellent material.

Not a fan of the first few issues which also contained photos of scantily clad young women, as if they needed them to keep us interested...