Thursday, 19 April 2018

The RAF at 100 - part two a 100th scale SE5a

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the RAF I wanted to produce something, a model a piece of terrain, anything. I settle on a 1/100th scale SE5a. I have in the past written about a stalled project - scratch building WW1 aircraft for gaming, see this post for more details and even had an article published in Miniature Wargames, see this post.

This particular model was built some time ago and has languished in a cardboard box for long enough. It is time it was painted. The model was built from hand drawn plans reduced from 1/72nd scale. The fuselage is a piece of scrap wood, the wings plastic card and the tail thin card. Detailing was carried out with plastic card and rod. The main construction was done with superglue and PVA glue.

The model is 64mm long with a wingspan of 80mm.



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