Friday, 28 February 2020

Making Rural Buildings for Model Railways by David Wright

Late in 2019 I posted details of some of the books and magazines I had received as Christmas presents. For more information see this link. Since then I have had chance to fully read these books and feel I have to add some more comments on this book in particular.

Making Rural Buildings for Model Railways by David Wright is without doubt one of the most informative books I have read on building model terrain and in particular model buildings. I had previously met David at one of the 7mm Narrow Gauge Association displays and seen in person some of his fantastic model buildings and dioramas but had not picked up any of his books (or DVD's). For Christmas 2019, I received a copy of this book as a present from my Mother-in-Law and at the time I said how much I liked the presentation and content. Now that I have had chance to read the whole book, my views have not changed. I repeat this is one of the very best books on building model structures I have ever read and well worth searching out.

The title is a little misleading as the contents and techniques would be just as relevant to wargamers or diorama builders and usable for scales from 15mm - up to 1/32nd scale (if not smaller and/or larger scales). it really is that good at highlighting methods for sourcing and building and painting and weathering model buildings.....

The book starts with a history of rural buildings in England - but just as relevant to Europe or America and far more detailed and informative than any other book on the subject that I have seen. Chapter two shows how to research, measure, photograph and draw plans or working drawings with useful and practical hints and tips for both the novice or the more experienced model builder. Chapter three is a very in-depth treatise on constructing the models and Chapter four shows how to paint and weather the buildings. Each and every step is well illustrated and described in detail with simple text and beautiful drawings and photographs.

Further chapters give details of setting your buildings into the landscape and then follows a number of chapters on specific projects. The book finishes with a number of practical appendix - for example a section on mixing paints to reproduce different coloured stone finishes (a unique feature as far as I can tell). The book ends with the usual references and contacts section seen in many model railway books. 188 pages of practical and useful advice suitable for any model maker looking to build structures in any scale.

Finally I should add that David has written two additional books -
Modelling Branch Lines and Making Urban Buildings for Model Railways as well as producing a number of DVD's.

Making Rural Buildings for Model Railways by David Wright
Published by The Crowood Press in 2016
ISBN 978 1 84797 460 0
Retail price £18.99 (however I am aware that copies can be found on e-bay and Amazon at a much lower price).
188 pages, soft card covered book 190mm x 246mm

Highly recommended - in fact a book I wish I had written.....


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Michael Awdry said...

Sounds fascinating, will have to add it to my wish list.