Wednesday 30 December 2020

Book Nook - part one, the construction

My daughter had asked for a Book Nook for Christmas 2020. After lots of searching and head-scratching this is what I produced for her.

In this Blog post, I will give details of the construction.

A stout frame was built from 3mm thick plastic card.

The miniature gateway was based on an image I had found on the internet and then scaled to fit her book collection.

Blue insulating foam was used for the facade.

The doors and windows were cut out with a 'snap-off' bladed knife or 'box cutter'.

More blue foam was used to add raised detail to the door and window surrounds. These small pieces were glued in place with thick PVA glue and secured with dress-makers pins while the glue dried.

More raised detail was added following the initial image/plan.

I used DAS modelling clay and ready mixed filler to build-up the surface texture.

More filler and individual cracks were cut into the blue foam with a scalpel.

More filler and detailing.

Prior to adding the window shutters I painted the door and window opening with dark grey acrylic paint. The shutters were built from balsawood and scrap wood, detailed with plastic card.

The remaining doors and windows were added. Once again I used balsawood but detailed the door frames with green foam and card.

I'll try to get images of the painting and finishing book nook uploaded tomorrow.



SpacecowSmith said...

Lovely work!

It would make a good miniatures backdrop too!

Codsticker said...

I agree- I love it!