Thursday 8 July 2021

Future Magazine Articles?

Regular readers and followers will know that I've been producing magazine articles for both Miniature Wargames and Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy for some time. The articles have covered a wide variety of different styles and genres, with the most recent series in MW showing how I build wargame terrain from scrap or readily available materials. 

I'm now planning a new series of themed articles and was looking for some help.....

The theme I'm think about is buildings or structures from the movies. I already have a couple of suitable buildings, but was hoping that I could get some suggestions as to others I might look at.

Do you have any suggestions?

They can be modern, traditional or even fantasy, but I would like to have some from both recognised films, for example Star Wars and Marvel films or less well known for example The Lost Command (which was filmed in Spain but was about the independence conflicts in Algeria).

I might even look at buildings from animated films. For example Asterix (I'm currently working on an Asterix themed building at the moment).

So, any suggestions and remember the more unusual or quirky, the better.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing what are suggested.



mattblackgod said...

Hagrid’s house in Harry Potter.
Addam’s family house.

Lasgunpacker said...

Sounds like an exciting series!

For Star Wars you could do something more obscure, or do a collection of structures. The battle in the town square of Jedha from Rogue One comes to mind. Plenty of scope for mixed media stuff there too, with wiring, pipes, cloth etc.

Other movies:
Gladiator arena - not the big one in Rome, but the one where he starts out
Jurassic Park gate - very iconic!
Guardians of the Galaxy - kaleidoscope-neon of the Vol 2 Contraxia planet
Thor Ragnarok- Sakaar (junk planet)
5th Element vehicles/building interiors (interiors generally are something that is usually avoided in wargame models, but can be interesting for photo sets or skirmish games)

For all of these discussion about how to EDIT the scene to get something both achievable and playable is critical, and I think useful for new gamers/modelers.

Neil said...

Village, Army Camp and Temple from Gunga Din.

Christopher said...

I’d be keen on asterix buildings

Tony said...

"I’d be keen on Asterix buildings"

You won't have to wait long.